For centuries, chess has been challenging young and old. Magnus Carlsen (28), world champion and one of the youngest grandmasters ever, shows that a new generation has emerged. Chess is a mental exercise; it stimulates and develops the brain. It helps you to think logically, resolve problems, understand your own responsibility. Nowadays, this strategic game takes many forms, such as fast chess and open air chess. 

In the Chess course you will learn to recognise and apply tactics and strategies and of course be able to play a game of chess. Each week we will focus on a different theme so that the different aspects of chess can be discussed. You don’t need any specific prior knowledge; you will be put in a group with people of a similar level. The chess lessons are especially intended for students and staff of TU Delft and will be taught by certified chess trainers.

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Ahmad Diab Diaz

Ahmad has played chess since the age of 15 and has actively been representing the Delft Chess Club in national competitive chess tournaments such as HSB & KSNB since 2019. Since 2018, he has volunteered at local chess clubs, where he regularly coaches and mentors young chess talents on the fundamentals of chess openings, middlegames and endgames. Ahmad loves playing in an aggressive chess style, using opening gambits as his main weapons, and following closely the chess mantras of players such as Bobby Fischer and Paul Morphy.