Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport which is played on a field. This sport is all about strategy, speed, good technique and stamina. You score points by catching the frisbee in the opponent's end zone. If you throw the frisbee just right it can cover a distance of up to 80 metres! The sport can be played both indoors and outdoors. Although Ultimate Frisbee is a relatively young sport, there are already around thirty associations and various competitions across the Netherlands. 

Frisbee association Force Elektro offers Ultimate Frisbee training session in collaboration with X. The association has several teams; open, women's and mixed. Training sessions start with a warming-up, which usually includes sprint drills and jumping exercises to prepare you for the rest of the session. You then practice the various elements of the game; throwing, running and jumping techniques and game tactics (such as 'man-to-man defence' and 'zone defence’). The training sessions end with a practice match.



You need a valid X year subscription and association membership to participate.

X subscription

Practical Information

All levels
Closed training
You’ll need a membership of the association.
Wear comfortable sportswear and indoor or outdoor trainers, depending on the season.