High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a counterpart to traditional cardio training. With traditional cardio training, you divide your energy so that you can keep up the activities for an hour or more, whereas with HIIT you continually push yourself to the limit. HIIT is a highly effective and efficient way to improve your stamina, increase muscle mass, burn fat, boost your metabolism and eventually develop a toned, athletic body. Exercises are carried out in short, intensive, alternating intervals so you’ll never get bored.

During an HIIT lesson you will train every group of muscles using your own body weight and light dumb-bells. This allows you to adjust the intensity to your own level. Although each training session involves fixed intervals of exercising and resting, you can always take an extra break (or skip a break) if you need to. The lessons are therefore ideal for beginners and people with more experience.

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Henri Lemmens

Henri studied at TU Delft and achieved his certificate for spinning instructor. He has been working at X for quite some time as Spinning, High Intensity Training, Fitness and Core Stability instructor.