A jam session is a relatively informal musical event, process, or activity where musicians, typically instrumentalists, play improvised solos and vamp over tunes, drones, songs, and chord progressions. To "jam" is to improvise music without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements, except for when the group is playing well-known jazz standards or covers of existing popular songs. Jam sessions can be used simply as a social gathering and communal practice session and may be based upon existing songs or forms, may be loosely based on an agreed chord progression or chart suggested by one participant, or may be wholly improvisational.

Join our jam session to play around with genres and techniques, meet other musicians and start playing music with others in a group. Because our jam sessions are open to musicians of all levels, we let you decide how you would like to jam. There’s room to improvise or follow a set chord progression or even just to play a whole existing tune. Our hosts and music teachers Marvin Dee (Singing) and Junhyung An (Guitar, Ukelele) are well versed in many genres and will be there to help you get started and find the right materials and musicians to jam with. This is the place to be if you are looking to get out of the rehearsal studio and start making music together!

Want to make sure you can make it, mark your calendar! This year we will have sessions on: 5 September 2023 (Free Try Outs), 14 November 2023, 13 February 2024 and 23 April 2024.

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Marvin Dee

Marvin (1987) studied singing at the Havo for Music and Dance and subsequently studied Musical Theater at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam. Marvin has been teaching for more than 10 years. He is specialized in training people who are afraid to sing loudly or who are afraid of hitting (or well, missing, really) high notes. He has taught all sorts of vocalists over the years, including the ‘smooth chicks from Dr. Justice and the Smooth Operators, Friends of the Family, Tom Vrolijk and Luuk Geers. Marvin pays attention to your voice and your wishes. A session with Marvin is always about the techniques YOU want to master.


Junhyung An

Junhyung An is a Korean born guitarist, composer, music educator and researcher. At the age of 7, he started to play piano. After 5 years he wanted to try another instrument, and that was when he found the love of his musical life, guitar. Junhyung studied jazz guitar at the Rotterdam Conservatory Codarts and carried the research trajectory on a cross-over project between Jazz guitar and Korean traditional musicality at the Orpheus institute and Leiden University. From his studying period until now, he has been actively touring in and out of Europe.