Makerspace is part of the TU Delft Science Centre. This is a workspace that helps people bring their creative ideas to life. Among other things, it is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters and you can mill, solder and more. From February 2024, Makerspace will be part of X's Open Studios.

In this course, you will learn to work with the various machines, materials and techniques available in the Makerspace workspace.

By studying the control software and operating the machines (including 3D printing, laser cutting, milling), after a few weeks you will have built up enough knowledge to work on your own creative project during the second half of the course. The course is supervised each week by 2 teachers.

With all the knowledge you gain during this introductory course, you can also work independently in the workspace during the Open Studio days on weekends.

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Schedule & enrolment

During Open Studio hours, you can work on your own projects in Makerspace under the guidance of an assistant. 

The Open Studio is open to anyone with an X subscription, at times when an assistant is present. You just need to sign up in advance. The assistant will be there to help where needed, to give tips and advice and to ensure that all materials and equipment are used responsibly and safely.

After confirmed registration for the Open Studio, you always report first to the Makerspace on the ground floor of Building 26A (Science Centre). 

Makerspace includes various 3D printers, laser cutters, HTC Vive sets, milling machine and a variety of software to realise your projects and designs. If there is sufficient interest and enough assistants, the ACTlab will also be available.

Schedule & enrolment