A choir is a group of singers, usually consisting of several vocals, directed by a choral conductor. The term ‘vocal ensemble’ is used for a small choir. Choral singing originated from religious meetings. Nowadays, choirs exist in all kinds of genres. The essence of choral singing is a homogeneous sound. Instead of hearing individual voices, the voices should melt into a homogeneous sound insofar as possible. Choral singing without instrumental accompaniment is called a cappella. Choirs with a popular repertoire (such as gospel and pop) usually work with melodies sung in unison that are arranged for a multi-vocal group.

In this ticket hour, everyone is welcome to sing along! Together with Jane, you sing a different gospel or pop number each week, and we make things as easy or as difficult as the group wishes. This is the place where you can sing in a relaxed fashion without any expectations, demands, or conditions. Would you like to sing more often but is taking a course or joining a club a bridge too far? Would you like to cautiously be introduced to harmonies and singing together with others? Come by and participate!

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Jane Loois

Jane followed the bachelor's degree in Pop Vocals/Jazz at Artez concert in Zwolle and then the Master's degree in Pop Vocals at Codarts in Rotterdam, where she focuses on backing vocals. Her coaching focuses on healthy use of your voice and getting to know a good "blend". It is important that you feel free to sing and use your voice.


Interested in learning to sing together with fellow students? Then a student choir might be perfect for you. Music associations Krashna Musika and Vocalzz offer the opportunity to sing in a choir. In collaboration with X, they provide association training and association activities.

Krashna Musika
The Delft Student Music Society’s Krashna Musika choir meets every Wednesday to work on quite varied pieces from the classical repertoire and on singing technique. The choir does not hold auditions and welcomes both beginning and experienced singers. It performs two or three major projects per year. Keeping the repertoire as varied as possible means there is always a new challenge relating to studying notes and, especially, expression. Under the guidance of a skilled conductor, the less experienced singers can also sing with great success, while the musical quality of the choir is guaranteed. Recent pieces sung by the choir include: Verdi’s Requiem, Magnificat by Rutter, Kytice by Martinu, and Puccini’s Messa di Gloria. The choir also performs cool a cappella pieces such as Daily's Requiem.

Vocalzz (Groover)
Vocalzz is Groover's a cappella jazz choir. They rehearse weekly on Tuesdays to sing jazz songs together. They have about 4 or 5 performances a year and can be found at places like the market in Delft. Occasionally there are auditions for which you can sign up, but these will be distributed through internal channels. Therefore, become a member of Groover to join Vocalzz.



You need a valid X year subscription and association membership to participate.

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