Stitch 'n Bitch is a name used by knitting groups that meet on a weekly or monthly basis at locations throughout the world. With registered Stitch 'n Bitch groups in 289 cities worldwide, the social knitting movement has distinguished itself as a popular social gathering for avid knitters. Get inspired by others with whom you share your passion for knitting, swap patterns, teach each other new techniques and enjoy each other's company. Knitters of all ages are welcome.

This stitching hour offers a perfect mix of creativity and sociability. Bring your current project and some biscuits or learn your first knots and stitches to start your own piece.

The ticket hour starts with an introduction to the technique that will be the focus of the class and serve as inspiration for your knitting, crochet or embroidery project. You will then get straight to work and, under the instructor's guidance, immediately put the technique into practice! Materials will be provided but you are more than welcome to bring your own project, wool or yarn. Relax, sit back and have a nice chat while you work on your project!

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Marta Gavioli

Marta is an engineer in love with textile craftsmanship; in particular sewing, crochet, hand- and machine-knitting. They also enable her to design and create unique, long lasting and loved garments. Additionally, she is very interested in the historical and social aspects of these arts. Marta is also a Fashion Design Open Studio assistant and she has taught several workshops at X.