Re: Re:interpretation

Exhibition & Programme

15 February - 08 June 2023

Reinterpretation is at the core of science and society. Design itself is a constant process of re-design, yet the ‘newness’ of innovation has mostly become automatically associated to the term technology. In academic discourse or theory, the interpretation of science or ideas (e.g., new paradigms) is even more important than rapid advances in engineering. Currently, the reinterpretation of history via cultural and colonial studies is re-framing our worldviews. Our notions of design and reinterpretation have also been challenged with considerations like appropriation and accessibility.  

The Redesign Rietveld exhibition roots its consideration of reinterpretation in Dutch design by having contemporary artists re-imagine Rietveld’s once-radical designs. As part of the program, TU Delft students will be offered the opportunity to reinterpret Rietveld for a virtual reality chair design competition and exhibition. The program continues with a series of thematically-related conversations; writing workshops translating science into poetry; film and bookmaking workshops with prominent indie makers; a mini-exhibition about a unique architecture course concerned with using language as a design tool, The Space of Words; and ends with our annual outdoor cinema, showing the film The Five Obstructions, which is a fascinating documentary on reinterpretation and the creative process. 

The TU Delft Library has designed these events to help contextualize creativity, appropriation, reinterpretation, and redesign as it occurs in society and on campus.  

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