Programme structure

In the first year of the MSc, you follow core courses from the Aerodynamics and Wind Energy program, which is designed to provide a fundamental background in fluid mechanics and its applications. Aerodynamics analysis by means of experimental, theoretical and computational methods is also taught in the first year. Concurrently, you follow two or three elective courses associated with a selected profile. After completing the courses and an internship, you join one of the research groups for a literature study and final thesis.

The literature study and final thesis are performed under the supervision of a scientific staff member, working on a project of current relevance to the field. In some cases, the thesis work may be carried out in conjunction with a company or a research institute. 

The supervisor and project should be chosen early in the MSc to aid the selection of pertinent courses, nevertheless they can be defined at latest during the second part of the course period.

The Track offers two Profiles: Aerodynamics and Wind Energy. The first is supported by the Aerodynamics research group, while the second is supported by the Wind Energy research groups.