Wind Energy profile

The Wind Energy profile focuses on methods and systems of energy extraction from wind. Both wind turbine and kite power systems are addressed. The profile offers courses on atmospheric wind conditions, rotor aerodynamics, wind turbine design, design of rotor blades and kite systems and of offshore wind farms. Graduation projects range from numerical wind field modeling and wind turbine aerodynamics to design aspects of large offshore wind farms, kites and other non conventional wind energy systems. Projects related to energy extraction from other moving media such as water currents and waves are also possible.

For the course descriptions see the digital study guide.

Learning objectives:

  • Will have in-depth knowledge of low speed aerodynamics and its application to energy extracting devices such as wind turbines and kites;
  • Will have thorough system knowledge regarding these energy extraction devices;
  • Will be able to apply advanced analysis and design techniques in at least one of the following areas: wind turbines, wind farms or kite power systems;
  • Will have insight in related disciplines such as boundary layer meteorology, structural design and dynamics of structures, control and operations.
  • Will have knowledge of the noise generation mechanisms in wind-turbines, of sound propagation in realistic terrain and atmospheric conditions, and the implications of noise reduction on wind-farm economy.
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