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Experience Jasper Kreeft

“From 2005 to 2007 I followed the Aerodynamics Master programme, specialising in Computational Fluid Dynamics. After an internship in Chile working on wind tunnel lay-out designs, I returned to the Aerodynamics Laboratory in Delft to perform my Master thesis research on compressible two-fluid flow modeling. This was performed in collaboration with the Center of Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam.

What attracted me most to the Aerodynamics Master was the combination of both applied and fundamental topics in its course programme, and the mixture of numerical and experimental expertise at the Aerodynamics Laboratory. In my opinion the Aerodynamics Laboratory is a unique location which has allowed me to deepen as well as broaden my knowledge of fluid dynamics. After having worked for a year at the National Aerospace Laboratory in Amsterdam, I returned to the Aerodynamics Laboratory to start my PhD research on structure-preserving (mimetic) numerical techniques for, but not limited to, fluid dynamics.

Now, in my current role as fluid flow researcher at Shell R&D, I am involved in the computational modelling of multiphase flows in production facilities, turbulent reacting flows in reactors and fluid-structure interactions in offshore platforms. I find the knowledge of fluid dynamics, fluidstructure interactions and numerical analysis I obtained during my years at the Aerodynamics Laboratory is still of great value and used on a daily basis.”

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