Bhavya Bathena

Name: Bhavya Bathena

I became interested in Urbanism while I was pursuing my Bachelor's in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences; I saw it as an opportunity to effect change. My work on architecture and urban design projects in India and Africa has led me to realise that there are differences in approach in both countries and innumerable subtle nuances that influence practical design implementation. I joined the Master track Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment with the intention of understanding and learning about the best practices in Urbanism. 

As they say, the important thing in life isn’t the destination, but the journey. My two-year journey through the master's programme comprised an inspiring study environment, challenges at every step and a few unexpected twists and turns. Tackling these challenges and learning from them has helped me grow both personally and professionally. Not only the regular courses and the TiSD (Technology in Sustainable Development) annotation, but also my participation in platforms such as seminars, discussion forums, and workshops have helped me become proficient in the diverse aspects of Urbanism. Interacting and learning from distinguished professors in their respective fields was an inimitable experience. The opportunity to work in an international environment helped me understand the various concepts of Urbanism accepted in different countries, which mix respective cultures, places, landscapes, and socio-political scenarios.

Closest to my heart is my work on the circular economy, a theme on which I have worked in various projects and workshops for almost a year and a half. My master’s thesis gave me the opportunity to develop spatial strategies for executing principles of circular urban metabolism in relation to my hometown with a view to making it environmentally sustainable for a better future. I will continue working in the direction of developing sustainable cities and striving to bring about change.