Anne-wil Min

Name: Anne-wil Min

I chose the Master’s Programme in Urbanism after doing a Bachelor’s in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and an internship with the Province of Noord-Holland. The internship taught me that the field of Urbanism is much broader than I at first expected. It consists of designing from the smallest scale of a street to the scale of a region, or even larger, and this makes it very interesting.

During my Master’s, I was especially aware of how topical the study subjects are. By using different approaches (from design to planning) in designing for the future, you create innovative projects that work towards solving problems in the environment and society. You often work together in groups, so that you learn a lot from your fellow, often international, students. At the same time, during the electives and the graduation year, you also get the opportunity to work on your personal interests in projects. For example, I’ve researched topics like climate change, ecosystems and urbanisation comprehensively in my graduation project. The project was awarded an honourable mention and furthermore gave me the opportunity of landing a dream job! If you are in for two years of designing on a variety of topics and scales, learning about planning and working together, I would highly recommend this Master’s.