Contact persons

⋅ Programme Coordinator

Dr. Stefano Fazi

First point of contact regarding the program. Do read the relevant pages of the TIL website, the Programme Navigator and the Study guide before you contact him. For study choices, you can also contact the study advisors.
⋅ Organisation of workshops (Welcome, Specialisation, Projects)
⋅ Thesis project (graduation coordinator)
⋅ Regulations and rules
⋅ Communications

⋅ Individual courses

A responsible instructor in Coursebase

⋅ Study advisors

Ms. Jorieke van Harten
Ms. Anneloes Klapwijk
Ms. Marian Roodenburg
Mr. Pascal de Smidt

  • Advice and support about study choices and changing studies, study planning, study grants, study delay, situations of force majeure and special circumstances etc.

  • Supervision and individual coaching for problems with motivations, discipline, adaptation to Dutch culture and more.

  • Must be consulted for requests to the Board of Examiners, momi-requests, request for financial support in special circumstances.

  • Information about the Student Healthcare Delft and Career and Counselling Services.

More on: Academic Counsellors CEG (

⋅ Education & Student Affairs

Ms. Dr. Lotte Bontje
⋅ Secretary Board of Studies TIL
⋅ Checking TIL-forms (TIL-1, TIL2, TIL3)
⋅ Archiving TIL-thesis (TIL-0)
⋅ Secretary TIL 2nd year refreshment team

⋅ Internships (not part of thesis)

CIEM0120: Dr.-ing. Mark Voorendt

TPM593A: Dr. Juan Manuel Duran

⋅ Graduation thesis contract/NDA (UNL), not for internships

Ms. Simone van der Holst

This task will be transferred to OSA/SPA; under discussion

⋅ Director of Studies

Dr. ir. Arjan van Binsbergen
⋅ Programme organisation
⋅ Organisation of workshops (Welcome, Specialisation, Projects)
⋅ Communications

Coordinators at the faculties

TPM Transport & Logistics: Jan Anne Annema

CEG Transport & Planning: Alexandra Gavriilidou

ME Multi-machine Engineering: Xiaoli Jiang

⋅ Additional way of finding supervisors

⋅ Board of Examiners (rules, regulations, advice)

⋅ Other

Dr. Jaap Vleugel

⋅ Website content and technical realisation.
⋅ TIL5050-20 Design coordinator/supervisor and TIL5060 Thesis supervisor.
⋅ TIL workshops.