Extra resit

Request for extra resit

The Board of Examiners does not grant an extra resit lightly. The Board of Examiners is - in line with TU Delft policy - of the opinion that a student should be able to complete his/her study a reasonable pace with two written exam possibilities a year. It is therefore considered undesirable to add extra exam opportunities and, in addition, increase the workload of the lecturers as well. It is expected of the student to make use of the regular exam opportunities and resits and to make a good study planning. For an extra resit of a course which is offered by another faculty, you can submit a request to the Board of Examiners of the relevant faculty.

If extraordinary personal circumstances have influenced both last exam opportunities(2), it might be possible to submit a request for an extra resit. However, the Board of Examiners has formulated strict conditions for making such requests.

The Board of Examiners can only process your request for an extra resit if all following conditions have been met:

  1. The course your are requesting an extra resit for concerns the very last course in order for you to complete your BSc- or MSc programme, with the exception of the BSc- or MSc thesis. Master students must add a statement from the chair of their graduation committee which confirms the planned date for the greenlight meeting and/or the graduation presentation.
  2. Extraordinary personal circumstances have provable influenced the last two exam opportunities of the course you are requesting a resit for. You have discussed your personal situation with the CEG Academic Counsellor within 3 months after the circumstances occurred. You are able to support your request with plausible and independent prove of your extraordinary personal circumstances. For example, by means of:
    • Written statement of (student)physician/psychologist;
    • Written proof of functional disability;
    • Copy of death certificate / funeral card.
  3. You have at least used both last exam opportunities if this, considering your extraordinary personal circumstances, was possible and sensible.
  4. Study delay caused by not being able to do a resit is more than 2 regular exam periods (including Q5), counted from the moment that your request is discussed in the meeting of the Board of Examiners. For meeting dates, please see the general Board of Examiners CEG webpage.
  5. For students in possession of a TU Delft Elite Sport status, a separate policy - in line with the above criteria - has been formulated by the Board of Examiners CEG. If you are making a request because of your Elite Sport activities, please consult your Academic Counsellor.
  6. Please note: During the summer holidays, from week 5.4 until the next meeting of the Board of Examiners in September, the processing of requests for an extra resit depends on the availability of staff and members of the Board of Examiners. If a request for an extra resit is granted in that period, it is only possible to take the extra resit before September if the responsible examiner is willing and able to organize this. Please take into consideration that this might lead to students not being able to graduate before 1 September of the new academic year.

If your request fulfils the conditions above, you can submit the completed request form as 1 PDF document to the Board of Examiners CEG according to the instructions on the form.