Other requests

For requests other than for an “extra resit” or an “exemption”, you can use the form for "other requests". For example: other requests usually relate to changes to your study programme, special provisions, remote examinations or other deviations of the Teaching and Exam Regulations or Rules and Guidelines of the Board of Examiners.

Before making a request to the Board of Examiners CEG you discuss your intention and possible extraordinary personal circumstances with the academic counsellor / study advisor. The academic counsellor can advise you whether or not to proceed with your request or if there are perhaps other arrangements that you can make.

If extraordinary personal circumstances have been of influence on your study progress and related to your request, you are able to support your request with plausible and independent prove of your extraordinary personal circumstances. For example, by means of:

  • Written statement of (student)physician/psychologist;
  • Written proof of functional disability;
  • Copy of death certificate / funeral card.

If you wish to change your studyprogramme, add the advice of your master coordinator/programme coordinator.

If your request fulfils the conditions above, you can submit the completed request form as 1 PDF document to the Board of Examiners CEG according to the instructions on the form.