Dr. Timon Idema

Research Themes: Synthetic biology and Cell biology

Research Interests: Membrane-mediated interactions, cell division, tissue formation, bacterial colony growth, collective dynamics of groups of active particles


Timon Idema obtained MSc degrees in physics (2004) and mathematics (2005) and a PhD in theoretical biophysics (2009) at Leiden University. After a postdoc at UPenn he joined the Department of Bionanoscience in 2012, where he is now an associate professor. His research interests span a large range of scales, from membrane-mediated interactions between proteins to collections of cells in tissues and colonies. A theorist himself, Idema frequently collaborates with experimental groups both inside and outside the department. He also teaches a range of courses in various degree programmes, and is actively involved in teaching innovation. Idema currently serves as a member of the board of the condensed-matter division of the European Physical Society and as the program director of the MSc of Nanobiology.

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Current Projects

  • Pattern formation in heterogeneous tissues and colonies
  • Self-assembly of polymer networks on membranes.

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Timon Idema

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