I am very active in the programme Life Science and Technology (LST). This is a joint Bachelor programme between Delft and Leiden. The Master programme LST is separate. The study programme LST combines elements of chemistry, biology and process engineering to educate students to become scientists and engineers in the field of Life Sciences. The student population is quite diverse, but they share a common interest in biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology.

Bachelor Life Science and Technology

Master Life Science and Technology

List of student projects for a BEP or MEP

1) Characterization of a new enzyme for sugar-sugar coupling reactions.

2) Pre steady-state kinetics to resolve the mechanism of the enzyme Chlorite Dismutase.

3) Calorimetric measurement of lignin conversion by enzymes.

4) Visualizing the fight between a host and a pathogenic micro-organism for essential metal nutrients using metalloproteomics. (only MEP, in collaboration with Department of Radiation Science and Technology)