Implementing resource recovery technologies: the impact of governance and mutual decision making in the chain of stakeholders

SuPER-W ( brings together eminent scientists and non-academic sector representatives from multiple key disciplines to train fifteen young professionals, to optimize existing technologies and develop novel integrated technologies for product, energy and resource recovery from wastewater, to identify (potential) bottlenecks in the implementation and exploitation of these technologies and to stimulate policy input formulation. 

Kasper’s project concentrates on a political analysis of the Dutch and Belgian wastewater systems and, in particular, their transitions towards the circular economy. To do so he draws on literature on sustainability transitions and interpretive and qualitative methods. He holds one master degree in international relations and one in conflict & development in the Global South. After those studies he worked for two years in a social enterprise focused on thrift stores. Today, he is affiliated with the Centre for Sustainable Development (Ghent University) and Biotechnology & Society (TU Delft).

Kasper Ampe

PhD student

Lotte Asveld

Associate Professor