Biotechnology and Society

The Section Biotechnology and Society (BTS) performs leading research on understanding societal and sustainability aspects and translating this into responsible innovation and communication of biotechnology for sustainable development. Projects are focussed on:

  • The design of strategies to communicate and implement sustainable and responsible innovation in the context of a circular, biobased economy, based on insights in values, cultural and societal aspects
  • The development of methods to assess (quantitatively and qualitatively) and combine social, environmental and (techno-)economic impacts for integral sustainability of value chain designs

The group is uniquely positioned in the Department of Biotechnology and leading in (inter)national programs with the scientific community, government and industry. We collaborate closely to other Sections in the Department of Biotechnology and participate in the international public private partnership BE-Basic. The team consists of one Full Professor (Patricia Osseweijer), two Assistant Professors (John Posada and Lotte Asveld) and a growing number of PhDs candidates, postdoctoral fellows and MSc students.

Principal Investigators

Permanent Staff

Anka Montanus

Management assistant

Dimitris Xevgenos

Senior Scientific Coordinator Water-Mining