Responsible Innnovation in the business context

Synergene is a FP7 funded collaborative research project focussing on societal impact and communication of Synbio. At BTS, Matti Sonck is involved in this project as a PhD-student.

Societal impacts of new products and processes are often uncertain and difficult to grasp, while the researchers in academia and companies are busy with techno-economic development. The aim in my PhD is to develop project-friendly guidelines for busy researchers, to identify and deal with situations, in which social sustainability needs extra attention during research and development (R&D) process. For this end, I bring together theories and methods of Responsible Research and Innovations, with practical situations that researchers meet in their daily work. The ultimate goal is to support finding mutual benefits between successful projects and positive societal impacts.

Matti Sonck

PhD student

Lotte Asveld

Associate Professor