Transport Phenomena | TP

The Transport Phenomena group studies the transport of mass, momentum and heat in physical and (electro)chemical processes related to advanced materials processing, energy conversion and storage, and health. Our main interest is in transport around (solid-fluid, liquid-gas, liquid-liquid, membrane-fluid and electrically charged) interfaces, which we wish to understand, control and enhance.

We enjoy performing fundamental research to gain a deep understanding of the underlying phenomena, while at the same time we find it important to apply our knowledge to real-life applications. We use both theoretical and computational models, and non-intrusive experiments based on laser and X-ray techniques.

Recent News

May 2022

Our Saša Kenjereš, Manu Chakkingal and Elin Vesper were awarded the Elsevier best fundamental computational paper for their paper 'The effect of fins and conductive horizontal walls on natural convection in differentially heated cavities' during the 17th UK Heat Transfer Conference, congratulations!


November 2021

Congratulations to Andrey and David on publishing their perspective article on coupling electrochemical CO2 conversion with CO2 capture into Nature Catalysis!

Earlier News