Scientific Carreer Marta Rovituso

Dr. Marta Rovituso studied Physics at the University of Catania (Sicily, Italy), performing her master thesis at the Helmotz Centre for Heavy Ions (GSI) in Darmstadt. During her one-year internship in GSI she worked in the Biophysics Department, studied the nuclear fragmentation of carbon ion with bone-like materials. At the end of her master, she performed her PhD thesis at the Technical University of Darmstadt within GSI, focusing her work on the physical characterization of Helium ions for application in cancer treatments, especially suited for pediatric patients. For this work Marta won two prices one in Germany and one in Italy.

In 2016 she moved in Italy, at the proton therapy center of Trento, where she performed her post-doc together with the National Institute of Nuclear physics. During these two years one of the main goals was to set up a user facility within the proton therapy center of Trento, in order to perform both physics and radiobiological experiments. On top of that, her research was focused on the characterization of the interactions of the protons with matter, going from microdosimetry to nuclear fragmentation.

Since January 2019, she is appointed as beam line scientist of HollandPTC in Delft, being responsible of the proton beam line, user experiments and the user facility.

Her research focuses on advanced beam line technology in order to perform any kind of radiobiological experiments which go from cell to animal irradiations, physics, dosimetry and space applications.