Co-60 irradiation facility

With the two Co-60 irradiation facilities (GC200 and GC220) of the Reactor Institute, very high doses of gamma-radiation can be given to materials to be investigated: About 2000 Gy per hour. Such doses can be used to accelerate aging processes, to induce polymerisation, to sterilise, or to investigate radiation dosimetry methods.

The object to irradiate must fit in the facility. Inside, the gamma fluence is homogeneous due to the positioning of multiple Co-60 cources surrounding the sample position.

  GC200 (kGy/h) GC220 (kGy/h)
1/1/2011 0.16 2.2
1/1/2016 0.08 1.1
dimensions (diameter, height) 8.5 x 13 cm 15 x 20 cm