EngD Civil and Environmental Engineering

The world of civil engineering is changing. Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for engineers who have a profound understanding of their own field and can oversee and combine the specialist knowledge from other disciplines. An Engineering Doctorate (EngD) programme in Civil and Environmental Engineering will provide such an opportunity for engineers and graduated master students.

The faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of TU Delft, as one of the pioneers in education, has developed a two year EngD programme in three tracks:

  • Sanitary & Environmental Engineering
  • Structural & Railway Engineering
  • Subsurface Constructions & Engineering

Engineering Doctorate

120 ECT / 24 Months

Starts in:
September 2024

Language of instruction:

Two years of innovation and wide-ranging business experience

The EngD programme focuses on innovations for the civil industry. In addition the programme will also prepare you to have a deep and broad look of a specialist into the matters at a level not readily acquired from work experience. Trainees will be given precisely the knowledge and practical experience in the field of design, construction, finance and maintenance, which is important for their role as the future head designer. The two years give an equivalent of four to five years of experience in the business. The programme is unique: trainees will be taught subjects which deepen their specialisation, but  also provide a wide-ranging overview of developments in the relevant professional field and adjacent disciplines. Joint and individual design assignments from professional practice will provide  an opportunity for the trainees to learn to carry out complex design assignments independently and to communicate efficiently in a group. Trainees will receive intensive supervision from experienced designers active at TU Delft and in the civil engineering sector.