Flood Mitigation through Optimal Operation of a Network of Multipurpose Reservoirs

Sittaung River system is one of four major rivers system in Myanmar. Mitigation of flood risk is major task for water resources management in the Sittaung River Basin. The flood caused by the runoff of the tributaries flowing across the area can be controlled by means of constructed reservoirs on these tributaries. There are more than 20 nos. of reservoirs on tributaries of Sittaung River for multiple purposes uses such as irrigation, flood control and hydropower generation. So far, these structural measures have a remarkable effect; however, flood and inundation still occur year after year. Therefore, it is important and desirable to improve the current water management system of river basin in order to minimize the human and socio economic losses caused by flooding. More advanced control system is required due to multiple objectives under economic, social and environmental constraints. Real time control of reservoirs system is a valuable and effective approach to compromise the flood control, hydropower generation and comprehensive utilization of water resources of river basin during flood season. Model predictive control (MPC) will be used to develop a control system for this river basin and lowering the water level of Sittaung River will have a favourable effect on reducing risk in flood prone areas. MPC strategy involves the optimization of control objectives based on constraints and future disturbances and predictions of present and future outputs by using internal model.  

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