Jasper van Kuijk presents new book on user-centered design

News - 11 June 2019 - Communication

On Friday 7 June, IDE researcher Jasper van Kuijk presented his new book ‘Ligt het nou aan mij?’ (‘Is it me?’), an anthology of his columns on user-centered design. After a short presentation about the principles and process of user-centered design, and case studies of this approach by IDE alumni Anna Offermans (Fabrique) and Sanne Kistemaker (Muzus), he handed over the first print to current Philippe Remarque, editor-in-chief at De Volkskrant.

Do you sometimes wonder why the tabs of our coats are so flimsy and often too small for the coat rack? Ever get frustrated by the snail’s pace of the ticket-machine at the metro station? Divided into chapters mirroring everyday life (at home, at work, in the train, kids), Jasper talks about poorly designed products and services that are omnipresent around us. And sometimes even about how we could go about fixing them. ‘Ligt het nou aan mij’ is now available in bookstores. More info at Maven Publishing.