Interactive Environments Minor reinvents Mekel Park

News - 04 February 2021 - Communication

In the past semester, five teams of students with different disciplinary backgrounds were challenged to transform TU Delft’s Mekel Park into an interactive space for users of our campus. The projects “Link”, “Mimic”, “Harmony”, “Guido” and “Bustle” were showcased during the final exhibition of Interactive Environments Minor last week.

Digital technology as an interaction enabler between people and environments. This is the core of the Interactive Environments Minor. The 2020-2021 edition of this popular course drew to a close with its final exhibition on 29 of January. This minor, a close cooperation between the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and Delft Science Centre, saw five teams of third year bachelor students from different faculties employing their skills to interpret and redesign the Mekel Park as an interactive space.

The projects Link, Mimic, Harmony, Guido and Bustle

The five projects, “Link”, “Mimic”, “Harmony”, “Guido” and “Bustle”, tackled a number of topics, reinstating meanings and experiences in the linear park of the campus during corona. From emphasising connections amongst people sitting together, to providing them with fresh and unexpected encounters while walking around. From amplifying the sensorial journey within the park, to bridging online and on-campus communities and safely navigating people through transitional spaces.

Wouter van der Hoog

Lorenzo Romagnoli

Wim Schermer

Teun Verkerk