Elisa Giaccardi to join Board of Associate Editors of HCI

News - 27 May 2021 - Communication

HCI (hci-journal.com) is widely recognised as one of the premier journals in the field. HCI has the highest impact rating in the field with a 5-year 4.714 impact factor, as well as being among the top few in related fields (computer science theory and methods, as well as design research). The reputation and impact of HCI is reflected in its Board of Associate Editors which includes Terry Winograd, Lucy Suchman, Donald Norman and Erik Stolterman among others, who are responsible for the quality and comprehensive scope of HCI's content.

Going forward, HCI intends to not just continue, but enhance, the journal's impact. The Board is currently engaged in several initiatives, such as more and different kinds of special issues and pushing the boundaries of the journal into related and synergistic areas of research. As part of this effort, HCI reached out to IDE professor Elisa Giaccardi to expand the Board with open-minded leaders who are not only knowledgeable and experienced in critical areas of the field but currently shaping the future directions of the field itself.