Connected Creativity: in the minor and beyond!

News - 18 November 2021 - Communication

Together with the students from the Connected Creativity minor, a buzzing network event was hosted at the ID KAFEE on 2 November. Enthusiasts of creativity in innovation from various research institutes, governments, and organisations came together. Not only did they inspire one another, but they also rose to the challenge to Connect to Create! The event marked a great starting point for building a strong network for exchanging and creating knowledge and experiences for creativity in innovation!

Various initiatives, organised by IDE’s Katrina Heijne, Willemijn Brouwer, Han van der Meer, and Milene Gonçalves, as well as Connected Creativity minor students, were shared during the event. For example, an international inspeeration/EACI event was proposed for next year, an upcoming (co-authored) book on individual creativity by Katrina Heijne and Han van der Meer was announced, a Delft Design Lab on creativity (led by Milene Gonçalves) was introduced, as well as many other ambitious plans to connect and create together!

If you missed out on Connect to Create and want to attend future events, please reach out to Katrina Heijne (