Get to know Greengage and the ENERGE Project

News - 11 November 2021 - Communication

ENERGE is an Interreg NWE funded project aimed at “ENergising Education to Reduce Green-gas Emissions” in secondary schools. The project aims to equip schools with the tools they need to engage in low-cost energy-efficient practices, which will ultimately target education, organisational, and social changes within the schools.

ENERGE started off with the question: “How could data on indoor climate and energy use become a tool for schools to develop their own low-cost energy efficient strategies?” At the beginning of 2022, ENERGE will launch its first iteration of Greengage. Greengage is a data-driven interactive visualisation that aims to increase students’ and teachers’ awareness about their role in managing indoor climate in order to meet their comfort needs in an energy efficient way.

On 16 November (12.00 - 12.45), ENERGE will host an online session with its partner schools to get further insights into Greengage, which will then be incorporated into its implementation.

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