IDE researchers take the stage at Highlight Delft

News - 11 November 2021 - Communication

From 18-20 November 2021, the fourth edition of Highlight Delft will take place across Delft, including the TU Delft campus. There will be 16 installations in which art and technology influence one another in order to experiment and discuss unexplored perspectives for our technological future.

This year, two IDE researchers and one IDE graduate will have their work on display at the event. So don’t miss out on the following:

Landshapes by Frederik Ueberschär

You can view IDE researcher Frederik Ueberschär’s project LANDSHAPES at the Antoni in the Nieuw Delft District.

“Step inside LANDSHAPES, a circular projection of landscapes generated by artificial intelligence. It looks real, but these images have never been seen by anyone. Immerse yourself in the changing landscapes and this time experience the consequences of climate change in an open and positive way.”

Find out more about Frederik and his project here.

Fredrick will also be taking part in Highlight Delft’s ‘Artists Talk’ on 19 November at 20:00. The event takes place at Theater de Veste and tickets are available on the Highlight Delft website.

“An Artist Talks with Daan Roosegaarde, Martin Bricelj Baraga and Frederik Ueberschär discussing Highlight Delft's theme 'Reimagined Landscapes'.”

To find out more about Artist Talks here.

Pandemic Robot Orchestra by Doris Aschenbrenner and Bruno Kramm

Listen along to IDE Assistant Professor Doris Aschenbrenner and German musician Bruno Kramm’s Pandemic Robot Orchestra at the Bacinol in the Nieuw Delft District. “This orchestra of robots performs Beethoven's 9th Symphony, led by the audience! Experience an experimental performance where the musicians have been replaced by robots and the digital conductor is controlled by the audience. Can this orchestra convey the essence of music?”

Find out more about this installation here.

Pandemic Robot Orchestra Workshop – Additionally, you can attend their workshop. In an experimental collaborative musical-hacker lab three teams will build and develop parts of the Robot Orchestra, presented at the Highlight Delft festival.

Learn more about the workshop and how to sign up here.

Growing Light by Tim van Dortmont

Experience IDE graduate Tim van Dortmont’s Growing Light project at the Product Design lab in The Green Village at TU Delft.

“Luminous algae provide spectacle and enchantment in alternating patterns. The transience of the blue light produced by bioluminescent algae makes for a wonderful phenomenon and a unique experience! At GROWING LIGHT, the interaction with the audience changes the pattern and intensity of the light over time.”

Find out more about his project here.