TU Delft in top 50 for arts & humanities in THE Subject Rankings

News - 11 November 2021 - Communication

In an exciting development, Times Higher Education’s University Subject Rankings 2022 have shown that technology-focused universities are rising up the arts and humanities subject rankings. And among this rising group is TU Delft.

In 2018, Times Higher Education labelled TU Delft as a “technology challenger”, alongside 34 other institutions. According to Times Higher Education: “The universities were labelled technology challengers because of their strong track records in computer science and engineering and strong industry links, and many have innovation at the core of their strategies.”

Of the 35 institutions that were given this title and were also ranked in the arts and humanities subject rankings, 22 improved their scores – including TU Delft.

TU Delft, which is 21st in the world for engineering and 59th for computer science, has found a spot in the top 50 for the arts and humanities this year and is now in joint 42nd position.

Times Higher Education: “The trend comes amid growing recognition that interdisciplinary working must be employed to solve the world’s biggest problems.”

Ena Voûte, dean of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft, was asked to respond to this growing trend and TU Delft’s jump in the rankings. She was noted saying that she doesn’t believe TU Delft has changed its approach to the arts and humanities, but rather that its work is now being recognised. She continued by saying that technical universities employ lots of people with humanities and social science backgrounds and at TU Delft they integrate interdisciplinary working across the university.

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