Dr. Elif Ozcan Vieira to act as IDE’s diversity & inclusion officer

News - 20 October 2021 - Communication

TU Delft's faculty of Industrial Design Engineering has appointed its first diversity and inclusion officer - Associate Professor Elif Ozcan Vieira. She will serve on the board of the TU Delft Diversity & Inclusion office, which is headed by Prof. David Keyson.

The challenge for modern science is to set the ground rules for an inclusive yet diverse workspace, in which people of different scientific backgrounds, ethnicities, opinions, physical capacities, and gender-orientations have equitable opportunities in scientific growth. The TU Delft Diversity & Inclusion Office strives for a welcoming and safe academic culture for everyone. I am happy to be a part of the D&I board as it enables me to tackle various societal and academic issues tactfully, systematically, and with facts and further research. My interest lies in empowering (young) academics with open-minded discussions and providing them with the skills needed to build a more inclusive university, while also flourishing and reaching excellence in academia.

Associate Professor Elif Ozcan Vieira

If you are interested in the topics of diversity and inclusion, have an opinion, or want to share an experience, please email diversity@tudelft.nl.