IDE Assistant Professor wins third place at WWNA Apply Awards

News - 30 September 2021 - Communication

IDE Assistant Professor Abhigyan Singh’s project, ‘Conceptualizing inter-household energy exchanges: an anthropology-through-design approach’, has received third place in the first annual Why the World Needs Anthropologists (WWNA) Apply Awards. He was selected by an international jury to receive this prize.

My research explores the convergence of design and anthropology, specifically in the application context of energy transitions. At a broad level, my work contributes towards the development of the sub-discipline of design anthropology. One of the reasons why I am happy about this award is that it brings attention to our (IDE’s) research amongst anthropologists.

Assistant Professor Abhigyan Singh

He received the award at the ninth edition of the Why the World Needs Anthropologists (WWNA) conference in Prague (10-12 September 2021). The WWNA conference is hosted by the European Association of Social Anthropologists’ Applied Anthropology Network. The aim of The Apply Awards is to acknowledge projects that are creating impact and using anthropological methodology and knowledge to do so.

This is a very topical project, focusing on the transition of societies across the globe from fossil fuel to renewable energy. It is both academically innovative, bringing economic anthropological perspectives to the understanding of energy exchanges. It is also applied, utilising material interventions to create a ‘field’ for ethnographic investigation of energy exchange relations.

The Annual Apply Awards website

The 1st annual WWNA Apply Awards

The annual WWNA Apply Awards recognises outstanding achievement in translating anthropological knowledge into action as reflected in a single project or specific endeavour. This year they specifically focused on the value of applying anthropology to create sustainable and liveable futures.

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