Design tools to support brain-related healthcare in children

News - 03 February 2022 - Communication

Well informed patients lead to better shared decision-making in value-driven care, but what happens when the patients are children with brain-related disorders? Researchers from the Delft Design Labs’ Play Well Lab, led by IDE Assistant Professor Mathieu Gielen, and Erasmus MC Sophia’s Child Brain Centre wanted to know. You can read the paper on their findings in the journal ‘Health Expectations’ (published on 27 January 2022). It is entitled, “A self-portrait: Design opportunities for a tool that supports children's involvement in brain-related health care”.

The collaboration between the Play Well Lab and the Child Brain Centre is an example of how groups convene around shared interests in health convergence. In addition to their newly published article, the consortium is also working on various joint research proposals.

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