ID Education hosts the 2022 Pluim Awards

News - 02 June 2022 - Communication

On 11 May, ID Education hosted the 2022 Pluim Awards at the ID Kafee. The annual event was a success with beautiful weather, fantastic company, and plenty of awards given out.

Speaking of awards, this year was unique. Why? Because instead of having three nominees and one winner, ID Education chose to put all the nominees in the spotlight as winners. There were a total of eight categories that staff could be nominated for.

But without further ado, here are this year’s winners...

Most Inspiring Employees

  • PMB Staff Members
  • Jan & Mich from the bike shop
  • GOM Cleaning Team

Most Inspiring BSc Course

  • Identity & Portfolio (Course Coordinator: Marieke Sonneveld)

Most Inspiring BSc Teachers

  • Larissa Verbeek
  • Stefan Persaud
  • Alessandro Bozzon

Jury Prize

  • Master's Education Renewal Team (Giulia Calabretta, Gerd Kortuem, Elisa Giaccardi, Paula Hueso Espinosa, and Joram Boumans)

Most Inspiring DfI Teachers

  • Dave Murray-Rust
  • Dorian Kingma
  • Gert Pasman

Most Inspiring IPD Teachers

  • Sepideh Ghodrat
  • Bas Flipsen
  • Peter Vink

Most Inspiring SPD Teachers

  • Charlotte Kobus
  • Gert Hans Berghuis
  • Anne-Madeleine Kranzbühler

Most Inspiring MSc Elective

  • Build Your Startup (Course Coordinator: Matthijs Buijs)

Photos by ID study association