Get inspired – A journey planner sparking travellers with endless personalised travel possibilities

News - 24 March 2022 - Communication

What if planning a trip feels just like when buying a tailor-made suit in a specialist store? Where you feel welcome, valued and unique. Where an expert listens to your wishes and then provides tailor-made advice that matches your personal style and preferences, but can also give you surprising suggestions that you would not have thought of so easily by yourself.

This was the inspiration for Sara Schippers, recent Design for Interaction alumna from the Delft Design Seamless Personal Mobility Lab, who took on the challenge to design an app that takes into account your own personal wishes and requirements when planning a trip, completely tailored to you. Check out our project video to see what that could be like!

During her project, Sara collaborated closely with two of our key partners in the SPM Lab: 9292 REISinformatiegroep and public transport operator RET. Through in-depth qualitative user research and co-creation with various stakeholders, Sara investigated what “personalisation” could mean for a journey planner. Her conclusion? Don't talk about personalisation -- rather talk about personal relevance instead.