TU Delft course wins Outstanding Security Training Initiative prize

News - 12 September 2022 - Communication

At this year’s Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs), the TU Delft Risk Management Summer Course took home the Benelux OSPAs’ Outstanding Security Training Initiative award. This year’s edition of the course was organised by IDE’s Sicco Santema, alongside IDE alumna Rinske Geerlings and TU Delft strategic risk advisor Regina Edoo.

Of the nominees in this category, Santema’s group was the only one to be nominated by the participants. The other two were selected by the jury.

About the course

The TU Delft Risk Management Summer Course is an annual elective course offered at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. The two-week course gives participants the chance to learn from corporate and academic guest speakers, how to protect an organisation against a wide range of events (e.g., pandemics, floods, cyber-attacks, supply chain disruptions, and other risks), and achieve better Business Continuity.

Throughout the course, specific design thinking lenses are used and applied to risk management. Participants use methods like journey thinking and co-designing solutions. Next to this, the course looks at network perspectives when learning about risk management.

To learn more about this year’s edition of the course, click here.


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