Successful launch of whitepaper “Repair in the Circular Economy”

News - 22 November 2023 - Communication

We look back on a successful launch of the white paper “Repair in the Circular Economy”, which took place on 13 November. One hundred and twenty scientists, entrepreneurs, policymakers, administrators, students, and people from repair cafes joined the conversation. 

During the event, IDE Professor of Design for Sustainable Consumer Behaviour Ruth Mugge presented the paper to Marieke Begthel-Spijkerboer from the Ministry Infrastructure and Water Management. Marieke closed the event with the encouraging words, “We are going to develop new standards so that products last longer and are easier to repair."

Next to Professor Ruth Mugge, senior lecturer Bas Flipsen, Professor Ruud Balkenende, Professor Conny Bakker, as well as 6 other scientists and 4 industry practitioners, collaborated on this paper.