IDEA League Summer School Recap

News - 13 September 2023 - Communication

At the end of August, Assistant Professor Zjenja Doubrovski and Associate Professor Jun Wu had the pleasure of co-hosting the IDEA League Summer School on Computational Design for Additive Manufacturing.

The duo, along with the summer schoolā€™s other co-organisers (Serena Graziosi (Politecnico di Milano); Tino Stanković (ETH Zurich); and Nicholas Meisel (Penn State)) welcomed a multidisciplinary group of students and young researchers from eight universities to the TU Delft | Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

While at IDE, the group explored how computational design, empowered by additive manufacturing technologies, is revolutionising the design landscape. The curriculum included design workshops, and a design challenge with many 3D printing iterations to cover the topics of Cellular Structures, Metamaterials, Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing, Topology Optimization, and Personalization.

If you are interested in diving deeper, they have published an educational paper detailing the previous two editions of the IDEA League Summer School. You can read it here.