Dutch language

Your most valuable aid in negotiating the subtleties and complexities of the culture is a command of the Dutch language. Most Dutch people speak English well, despite protestations to the contrary. This is especially true in urban and suburban areas and in towns frequented by tourists. If your English is good, you can get along very well in the Netherlands, at a superficial level. In the long run, however, this will not be enough. The value of mastering the Dutch language must not be underestimated. Vast and invaluable domains of social, cultural and professional experience will open up to someone who understands and speaks Dutch.

Learning Dutch

There are a number of effective ways of making the Dutch language your own. Below you will find a selection of Dutch language courses in Delft, The Hague and Rotterdam area.

If you would like to participate in one of the Dutch courses mentioned below, please follow the enrolment instructions provided by the programme of your choice or contact the provider directly.

Dutch Language courses

  • TU Delft - English Language course at the Centre for Languages and Academic Skills.
    TU Delft facilitates Dutch language courses accessible for employees and their partners. You can find multiple options in Dutch for foreigners. The department uses the ‘Delftse methode’ which is known to be a more natural way to learn. Levels go from Beginners to Advanced and preparation for the NT2 State exam. read more.
  • ROC Mondriaan (Delft): Dutch for beginners A1 and A2 level. Dutch classes hosted by ROC Mondriaan school in Delft and the Hague. Read more. Send an email to register.
  • Nederland Taal Leren (Delft). Private guidance to prepare Dutch Civic integration exam and follow lessons read more or contact Bernadette Lengkeek.
  • Direct Dutch Institute (The Hague). Here you can find regular lessons and intensive programmes, from beginners to advanced levels. Read more.  
  • Taalhuis (The Hague). Organized in small groups, this school offers courses for expats and companies. Read more.
  • Erasmus Rotterdam – Language & Training Centre. They offer courses from A1 Beginners up to C1 Advanced  and summer courses. Regular language courses are offered 3 times per year and intake is needed for higher levels. Read more.
  • Baay Dutch language courses (Rotterdam). This school provides lessons from A1 to B2. Usually organized in small groups, private lesson are also available. Read more.
  • Taal op eigen kracht: Steunpunt Inburgering en Samenleving. ‘Taal op eigen kracht' is a project of Delft municipality to (financially) support Dutch language teaching and learning in Delft: Visit their Facebook page for more information or contact Nushaba.
    One of the organisations taking part in this project is SIS (Stichting Steunpunt Integratie Inburgering). They offer Dutch classes for beginners. The contact person is Kiomara Aguilar Matamoros send an email.
  • Missionaire du salut. A foundation that support a local movement engaged with immigrant women integration and offers very cheap Dutch courses.  Read more.

If you are looking for a more personal recommendation, check the blog by DelftMaMa and connect with other parents learning Dutch. Read more.

Dutch self-study

For online and self-study, take a look at the following options:

  • Introduction to Dutch, from University of Groningen on FutureLearn. Free online and self-study course for beginners. Read more.
  • Leiden University. Free e-learning course for new joiners who want to learn the basics of the Dutch language. Read more. If you would like to have a regular language course or prepare for the Dutch Civic integration exam, please visit the Academic Language Centre website to get more information.
  • Learn Dutch with Bart de Pau. This website offers free and premium materials to learn in a well-structured and fun way.  Read more.
  • Beter Spellen is a Dutch app which includes different resources to practice and improve your Dutch skills by using different and funny learning methods. Read more
  • App’s
    • Duolingo is a well know app where you can learn at your own pace. Read more.
    • Babbel helps you to create a course adjusted to your needs. Read more.
    • Mondly helps you learn the language through its fun and playful exercises. Read more.

Dutch practice

Besides courses, you might be also interested to practice with a language buddy or coach to improve your spoken language. See below a selection of the options in Delft area:

  • Taalcafé Delft. This a conversation group where you can practice your Dutch with internationals and Dutch volunteers. To join the group visit their Facebook page.
  • Taalhuis DOK Library Delft. Taalhuis DOK Delft is based in the public library 'Voorhof'. They offer guidance about how to learn Dutch based on your situation. It is possible to have a language buddy, read and borrow books. Those who already have at least an A1 level can register and ask for a volunteer to practice. Read more
  • Language coach from Gilde Delft offers language practice with Dutch volunteers while walking around the city. It is needed to reserve and pay in advance. Read more.  Send an email to register
  • Tandem opportunities. TU Delft - Tandem language project. Tandem Delft hosts a platform for students and other interested people within Delft to meet with native speakers from all around to put their knowledge into practice; improve their skills and in return teach someone else your own native language. Join the Facebook group.
  • Meetup. Via this webpage you can connect with people, make friends and explore your interests. The language options include Dutch, English, and more. There are several Meetup groups in the Netherlands including Amsterdam, The Hague & Rotterdam. Read more.
  • Dutch Conversation Practice - Coming to Delft Service: It is a voluntary group for partners of TU Delft employees to practice Dutch conversation skills with internationals and Dutch volunteers. A minimum of A1 level of Dutch is expected of the participants. Participants are encouraged to introduce themselves and practice basic dialogues with each other. The sessions are online and conducted once a week. To join this activity, send an email to: Events-ComingtoDelftServices@tudelft.nl.

More information

  • Download the full overview of Dutch language courses and practice. 
  • Before learning Dutch, you are looking to improve your English skills. Find more information here.