Dutch language

Your most valuable aid in negotiating the subtleties and complexities of the culture is a command of the Dutch language. Most Dutch people speak English well, despite protestations to the contrary. This is especially true in urban and suburban areas and in towns frequented by tourists. If your English is good, you can get along very well in the Netherlands, at a superficial level. In the long run, however, this will not be enough. The value of mastering the Dutch language must not be underestimated. Vast and invaluable domains of social, cultural and professional experience will open up to someone who understands and speaks Dutch.

Learning Dutch

There are a number of effective ways of making the Dutch language your own. Delft MaMa provides in a blog an extensive overview of various Dutch courses in and around Delft. Below you will find a selection of Dutch language courses in Delft area.

If you would like to participate in one of the Dutch courses mentioned below, please follow the enrolment instructions provided by the programme of your choice or contact the provider directly.

  • The Centre for Languages and Academic Skills at TU Delft offers intensive daytime and evening courses on Dutch as a second language for university students and staff. These courses are based on a highly successful language-learning method developed at TU Delft. For more information about methods and specific course offerings, read more here.
  • The Taal+ school of ROC Mondriaan in Delft and The Hague offers the course Better Dutch for beginners for the levels A0–A2. To register for this course, you need to be registered in the municipality of Delft or the Hague. Read more (website in Dutch)
  • TU Delft’s International Neighbour Group offers an ‘Introduction to Dutch’ class, which consists of 8 lessons, with the aim of providing you with a basic functional vocabulary. Read moretypo3/  about the International Neighbour group. Ask the contact person for more information about the Dutch classes.
  • Volksuniversiteit Delft organises professional Dutch and classes in the evenings for different language levels. Read more.

Besides courses, you might be also interested to practice with a language buddy or coach to improve your spoken language. See below a selection of the options in Delft area:

  • TU Delft - Tandem language project. Tandem Delft hosts a platform for students and other interested people within Delft to meet with native speakers from all around to put knowledge into practice; improve their skills and your buddy your own native language in return. Read more.
  • Taalhuis DOK Library Delft. Taalhuis DOK Delft is based in the public library 'Voorhof'. They offer possibilities for practicing Dutch in small groups and connect with Dutch speaking volunteers. Those who already have at least an A1 level can register and ask for a volunteer to practice. Read more.
  • Taal Collectief Delft organises Dutch language cafes every week at the library in Delft centre. Read more.

For online self-study, take a look at the following options:

  • Introduction to Dutch, by the University of Groningen on FutureLearn. Learn in three weeks the basics of Dutch language. Read more.
  • Use the app DuoLingo to practice every day your vocabulary in Dutch. Read more.
  • Practice Dutch spelling and vocabulary with Beter Spellen. Read more