M.D. (Menno) Yap


Menno Yap (1989) is working as PhD researcher. His research focuses on measuring and modelling reliability of multi-level public transport systems. Especially better understanding and modelling passenger behaviour during disruptions by inference from big data sources have his interest. Besides his PhD research, Menno also works as transport modelling consultant at Atkins, London. Menno holds his MSc in Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics, and his BSc in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management (both cum laude). In his spare time he volunteers as tram driver and advisor of the board of The Hague Public Transport Museum, the Netherlands.


Despite the importance of reliable and robust public transport operations, this topic is not considered from a full passenger perspective yet in science and practice. My PhD research therefore focuses on the following aspects:

  • Measuring reliability: quantify reliability and the passenger and operator impact based on big data sources, such as AFC and AVL data
  • Infer passenger behaviour: infer how passengers behave during planned and unplanned disruptions, particularly in relation to crowding and delay propagation over the network, and improve model parameters.
  • Modelling disruptions and improve disruption strategies: short-term prediction of passenger flows during disruptions under different control strategies, to determine optimal control strategies 

Research themes:

  • My PhD Project
    Measuring, modelling and improving reliability and robustness of urban public transport in a multi-level network context: a passenger perspective

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  • Transport modeller at Atkins, London

  • Responsible for initiation and implementation of Hop-on Hop-off Tourist Tram in The Hague, the Netherlands

  • Advisor of board of The Hague Public Transport Museum (voluntary)

  • Historical tram driver The Hague (voluntary)
  • Van Oort, N., Brands, T., de Romph, E. & Yap, M.D. (2016). Ridership Evaluation and Prediction in Public Transport by Processing Smart Card Data: A Dutch Approach and Example. Chapter 11Public Transport Planning with Smart Card Data, eds. Kurauchi F., Schm√∂cker, J.D., CRC Press. 
  • Awarded best paper (feasibility study automated vehicles) at CVS conference 2016 in the Netherlands

  • Nominated for Michael Beesley Award during Thredbo 2017 conference, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Awarded top-2 best MSc Thesis of 2014 and 2015 by Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI)

  • Awarded top-5 best paper based on MSc Thesis at CVS conference 2014 in the Netherlands

Ir. Menno Yap

PhD Researcher