Admission Requirements

Secondary School Diploma

A secondary school diploma considered equivalent to the Dutch pre-university ‘VWO’ diploma. In addition, for specific BSc programmes certain final examinations subjects are required. 

Please see below for the type of diploma’s and final examination subjects that are required.

Is your diploma not in the list above? Get in touch with the Admission Office to find out whether you can be admitted. Please send an e mail to and  mention:

  • Country where you will receive your diploma
  • Name secondary school diploma - in the original language
  • Examination subjects
  • Bachelor of Science programme of your choice

Required Secondary School Examination Subjects

Required examinations subject For BSc
Mathematics All BSc programmes
Physics All BSc programmes except Computer Science and Engineering, and Applied 
Chemistry BSc Applied Earth Sciences
BSc Clinical Technology
BSc Life Science & Technology
BSc Molecular Science & Technology
BSc Nanobiology
Biology BSc Nanobiology
BSc Clinical Technology

In case a subject is missing we also accept a USA College Board AP test, a UK A level or a VWO certificate ( via Boswell Beta or CCVX)

Language Requirements

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