Prospective Bachelor Students

If you are a foreign Bachelor student about to start a Dutch Bachelor program at the TU Delft, it is essential that your knowledge of Dutch is sufficient. If you do not meet the admission requirements of the TU Delft and need to learn Dutch, then you can follow the right courses with us. The intensive Dutch language courses are the recommended courses to follow. You can start these courses in August or September (in the year before the start of your Bachelor of Science programme). In order to start the Dutch language course you will need to be (conditional) admitted to a Bachelor of a Science programme and provide us with a TU Delft conditional admission letter from the Admission Office. 

Before the start of the academic year one must at least have followed and passed the relevant Scientific Language course (4th level). The Dutch course program consists of:

  1. Beginners course (the Green book)
  2. Intermediate course (the Second round)
  3. Advanced course (the Third round)
  4. Language of Science
  5. Prospective students for Civil Engineering or Chemical Engineering have to study an extra syllabus, which is concluded by a test.

If you already have some knowledge of the Dutch language you can make an appointment for a placement test to see which courses you need to follow with us in order to meet the Dutch language requirements. Are you proficient in Dutch on the B2 level or higher, but do not meet the language requirements to be admitted to a bachelor program at the TU Delft, then we recommend you to contact us to schedule an assessment.