Language of Architecture


Prospective students Architecture need to prepare for their study by studying the online self-study course Language of Architecture.


The Language of Architecture can be found at After registration you will get access to this website.


The Language of Architecture course can only be done after having successfully completed the Derde Ronde (Advanced course) or the Staatsexamen NT2, level II (State exam).

When you have passed all four components of the NT2 Staatsexamen (level II), we would like to receive a copy of the certificates you have obtained.

After registration you will receive more information and you can start the programme at any given moment. For appointments about testing you can contact the course managers.

For students who start their Bsc study in 2024 or later, the Language of Architecture course is an obligatory requirement for acceptance.

Course fees and payment

The costs for the self-study programme Language of Architecture, including the exam are  € 195,-.

All payments can be made through bank transfer.