Beginners' courses

What do you do if you need a doctor? How can you buy a train or bus ticket? What are the opening hours for shops and what kinds of schools can people attend in the Netherlands? These everyday subjects are dealt with in the Green Book, the textbook for beginners.
The Green Book contains 42 texts. These texts include the 2000 most common words in the Dutch language, the words that you will therefore need to use most often.

Lessons are chiefly devoted to conversation practice. This means that within a very short space of time you will be able to converse reasonably well in the Dutch language. The objective is to simultaneously develop listening and speaking skills.

Intensive or not intensive

The intensive courses are day time courses. Please note that these courses have a study load of 40 hours a week.  The course duration is five weeks. The lessons take place daily in the morning as well as in the afternoon, except on Wednesdays.
On our timetable you can see when the courses take place.

The non-intensive courses are taught twice a week: on Monday and Thursday evening or on Tuesday and Friday afternoon. These courses last 7 weeks.
On our timetable you can see when the courses take place.



Study workload

Beginners intensive

0 - A2

40 hrs a week

Elementary 1

0 - A1

10 hrs a week

Elementary 2

A1 - A2

10 hrs a week