Placement test

Are you able to answer the following questions in Dutch?

  • Hoe heet u? Waar komt u vandaan?
  • Hoe lang woont u al in Nederland?
  • Woont u alleen, bij vrienden of familie? 
  • Hoe reist u naar Delft? Hoe lang duurt de reis?

If you are able to answer this type of questions easily, and you know about 1000 Dutch words, then it is advisable to take a placement test. The result will indicate which course is most suitable for you. 

The level test consists of two parts: a written part and an online interview with one of our teachers. The online interview will take around 20 minutes. The costs for the level test are €30,00 and need to be paid in advance through a bank transfer. Please send us an e-mail with the payment confirmation, so we can sent you the information about the written part and schedule the appointment for the online interview. You can send an e-mail to the secretary’s office

Bank details

Hereby our bank details:

Bank account number: 542891859
IBAN: NL08ABNA0542891859
In the name of: Faculteit TBM
Ref: please state your name + level test + M57M572AG.

It is not necessary to make a test if you do not master the language. In that case you could start the intensive Beginners' course or the Elementary 1 course.

If you are in possession of an NT2-II (‘National Examination’) certificate you can follow either the Language of Science course or the Language of Architecture course.