How do the Dutch live? What is their country like? What are their views and how have their views changed over the years? How is the country governed? These and many other topics are dealt with in the 45 texts contained in the Second Round Book. The texts include the 1200 words covered in the beginners' course together with some 1700 new words. The lessons are devoted to discussing the subjects presented in the texts. Listening and speaking proficiency is further developed and simple writing assignments have to be done.

Intensive or not intensive

The intensive courses are day time courses. Please note that these courses have a study load of 40 hours a week.  The course duration is five weeks. The lessons take place daily in the morning as well as in the afternoon, except on Wednesdays.
On our timetable you can see when the courses take place.

The not intensive courses are given in the evening. The courses take place on monday and thursday evening. These courses last 7 weeks.
On our timetable you can see when the courses take place.



Study workload

Intermediate intensive

A2 > B1

40 hrs a week

Intermediate 1

A2 > A2+

10 hrs a week

Intermediate 2

A2+ > B1 

10 hrs a week