NT2 State exam

About the course

Some companies and institutions use the State Exam NT2-II as an admission requirement. Anyone who has successfully completed the Third Round (Derde Ronde) course can prepare for the State Exam by following this self-study program. Participants will be familiarised with the examination method and given the opportunity to complete sample examinations.

It is possible to start this guided self-study program at any moment. After the start of the program you will have 8 weeks to finish the self-study program. A training period of 6 weeks before taking the NT2-II State Exam is the most effective way to follow this course. During the course you will receive instruction, feedback and advice from one of our teachers.


You will be admitted to this course when you have successfully completed the Advanced course at TU Delft. Other participants first need to take a placement test.

Study workload

The study load is around 10-15 hours a week.


Participants prepare themselves by doing self-study, but will receive instructions, feedback and advice from a NT2 teacher of the TU Delft according to below schedule:

  1. 1x in person instructions (15 min.)
  2. 3x writing assignments
  3. 2x speaking assignments
  4. An appointment needs to be scheduled for the speaking assignments, it is possible to arrange them by phone or Skype.
  5. Final appointment with time for questions and advice with a teacher (max. 30 min.)


De Derde ronde, Nederlands voor Buitenlanders (ISBN 9789461059611) and sample exams from the website: www.staatsexamensnt2.nl.


For enrolment for this course, please contact the secretaries' office or contact Jeanet Annema.

Please note: course participants need to register themselves for the actual NT2-II State Exam. For more information and registration please visit www.staatsexamensnt2.nl.

Course fees and payment

The course fee for the guided self-study program is € 205,00 excluding lesson material. This price is valid until August 1st, 2023. From August 1st, 2023 the course fee is € 215,00 excluding lesson materials. The prices mentioned are subject to change. The course fee can be paid by bank transfer. After your registration in the course you will receive more information about the payment.